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Cost-effective solutions with experienced oil and gas consultants.

Knowledgeable Oil & Gas Consulting

Discover cost-effective solutions you deserve with the experienced oil and gas consultants from James Knobloch Petroleum Consultants Inc. We provide the detailed analysis and expert advice you need. At James Knobloch Petroleum Consulting Inc., we provide petroleum consulting nationwide, specializing in the Appalachian Basin. We offer reliable consulting services that meet a variety of needs, including:

  • Economic Analysis
  • Oil & Gas Reserve Evaluation
  • Acquisition Analysis
  • Divestiture Services
  • Reservoir Studies
  • Production Analysis
  • Fair Market Value Analysis
  • Mineral Appraisals

For larger projects, we are here to meet your needs by providing the support staff necessary to get the job done. 

Relationships with other oil and gas professionals provide further dimension to the firm’s capabilities by allowing us to access experience, expertise, information, and facilities for projects as needed.

Contact Us For Petroleum Consultants Who Will Get The Job Done For You.